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Workshops & Writing Groups

For writers of all ages and genres

We're passionate about not just books, but writing, too! Both founders of Itinerant Literate Books began their careers in publishing and are devoted to helping writers and readers alike.


Together with our community collaborators who are published writers and experts in literary theory, at the Bookstop we provide exciting workshop series and seminars for the novice, the expert, and everyone in between.


Workshop Series: Elements of Revision

Winter/Spring 2019

Now that you have a draft, what will you do with it? While the Fall “Elements of Story” workshop series focused on planning projects, producing new writing, and learning tools to keep your writing moving forward, the Spring “Elements of Revision” workshop series will work with writers who already have prose pieces (memoir or fiction) they want to expand, deepen, cut, and revise.




January 13: Rethinking structure

February 10: Mapping character development

March 10: Grounding in the concrete

April 14: Improving style

 May 5: Building platforms, publishing, readings, and next steps

May 10:  Public reading


ADMISSION: $75/class,  or all four for $260.

Each Workshop will follow this structure:

Welcome and progress reports

Craft lesson

Application exercise

Workshop focusing on one or two participants’ work. Everyone will get a turn.

Previous Workshops & Series

  • Elements of Story

    Do you have a writing project you want to start? One you’ve started, but need to return to? One in revision? This course series can help you improve your craft and achieve your writing goals through the elements of narrative.


    You will Learn:

    ● Write by working through the processes of invention, drafting, revision, and proofreading.

    ● Learn pre-writing techniques to help you beat writer’s block.

    ● Evaluate others’ writing and your own.

    ● Develop editing skills and understanding of the roles of editors.

    ● Produce, edit, and market imaginative writing

    ● Read and write in the genres of your choice: fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

    ● Learn to use literary elements as tools to improve writing.

    ● Write informal discourse as means of self-discovery and invention.


    ADMISSION: $75/class,  or all four for $260.



In 2019, the Bookstop will again host the Elements of Story Workshop Series as well as advanced classes in specific genres and forms, and begin offering editing and consulting services. Be on the lookout for classes in:





Character Development

Short Stories

Personal Essays

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